Concrete Ramp

“A very flexible building material. Place and wait for the concrete to set. Can be upgraded to reinforced concrete.”



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Concrete Ramp can be repaired with 8 Concrete Mix.


Can be upgraded to pouredRConcreteRamp with 10 Concrete Mix using one of Claw Hammer, Nailgun, Stone Axe, Taza's Stone Axe, Wrench .



  • Custom icon set to rConcreteRamp
  • CreativeMode set to None
  • Upgrades to changed from Wet Concrete Ramp to pouredRConcreteRamp
  • Shape changed from Wedged to New
  • Place changed from TowardsPlacer90 to TowardsPlacerInverted
  • CustomUpgradeSound changed from Crafting/place_block_concrete to place_block_concrete
  • Repair item changed from 10 x Concrete Mix to 8 x Concrete Mix


  • Place set to TowardsPlacer90
  • Economic value set to 25
  • Bundle size set to 10
  • CustomUpgradeSound set to Crafting/place_block_concrete


  • Upgrades to changed from concreteRampReinforced to Wet Concrete Ramp
  • Material changed from concrete to Mconcrete
  • Extends item set to concreteMaster
  • Description set to concreteGroupDesc


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